• To embrace our motto of 'Home Away from Home', we provide a variety of services to ensure that the foreign workers live comfortably in our dormitories. Their basic day-to-day needs are well taken care of within the premises of the dormitory.
    • We have security guards stationed at the entrance of the dormitories 24 hours a day to maintain a high level of security. On top of that, we have provided all workers with an access card for additional security. This will ensure that the workers have a safe and harmonious environment to return to after a long day of work.
    • Laundry services are also available at our dormitories. The workers can hand over their clothes to our in-house professional laundry agency in the morning, and the laundry department will be able to return their washed and clean clothes by the end of the day. This service ensures that workers will always have clean clothes, and spares them the time and effort of doing laundry.
    • For workers who are suffering from contagious illnesses, such as chickenpox, we provide isolation rooms in each dormitory. This will prevent the illnesses from spreading to other inhabitants. These rooms are air-conditioned, to provide a comfortable environment for the sick workers to recover. Food will be provided for them daily.
    • In order to ensure workers are healthy, we carry out periodic fumigation and pesticide treatments to rid the area of any contagious diseases and pests, such as malaria or bedbugs respectively.
    • We have a fantastic Caterer in FoodAsia Catering Services Pte Ltd, the company is providing food services for both dormitories(Soon Lee and Greenfield),mainly breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also provide catering services to the mass market. Our objective is not only to provide foreign workers with a nostalgic taste away from home but also cater to buffets,Hi-tea and Construction Company’s Events. Our meals are prepared in a clean and hygienic kitchen. If the workers would like to enjoy other meals throughout the day, preorders are available at affordable prices.
  • Please contact us at 6261 1887 or email us at if you would like to request our catering services.